Where Yoga Meets Rap.

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Mission Statement

"Create a unique fitness and well-being class

for a wide audience that combines Yoga,

Spoken Word Rap and Hip Hop Music"


Let Your Voice

Be Heard

The whole class is accompanied by music. My voice and movements are synched to the beat. Each time you hear me say "YO!GA" that is your cue to listen and repeat the rap affirmation.

Benefits of YO!GA

  • Helps you feel positive about yourself and boosts your self confidence

  • Builds strength, increases flexibility and improve balance

  • Calms and focuses the mind

  • Reduces and releases negativity, worry, fear and anxiety

  • Takes charge of your thoughts, encouraging you to make healthier life choices


Veronica Youdell Founder and Creative Director of YO!GA 

I sincerely value the gift that yoga has brought to me as both a student and a teacher.

Part of my reason to create YO!GA was to give back to a practice that has helped me to heal, transform and connect with people from all walks of life.

During my Yoga Teacher Training in late 2016

I began to envision an idea that would fuse yoga practice with my love of rap and music.

When we were given time to pause in 2020 I knew it was the right opportunity for me to finally sit down and create this class. My dream for this project is to connect with teenagers, young people and adults searching for a fun, creative and mindful form of exercise that will let their voice be heard.

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